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Ductwise Duct Cleaning Review

Now that you have chosen Ductwise Duct Cleaning to perform professional cleaning of your ducts, you are probably wondering how they go about with the process. Will the company drag a lot of heavy equipment into your house? Do you have to move things around? How long is it going to take for them to complete the process? All of these are good questions, and the answers are below:
The Assessment
The professionals from Ductwise Duct Cleaning will first check your HVAC system and ducts to assess the necessary cleaning type required. It can involve the removal of vent covers, insertion of a mirror or camera, as well as sampling buildup or debris from the ducts. What they find is dependent on the life of inhabitants of your house which include the unwanted ones like rodents, together with the condition of your HVAC system and ducts.
Particles like pollen, mold, and dust which grew during the previous heavy rain when the roof leaked on your ducts, and fur and allergens from pets or uninvited rodents are all situated in air ducts. Depending on the type and extent of the debris, the experts from Ductwise Duct Cleaning will identify the best way of cleaning your ducts. They can also explain to you what they found and how they plan to clean it.
Cleaning Equipment
The equipment needed for cleaning the ducts must not impose that much on your living or work space. Cleaning equipment could include brushes, air hoses, filtration systems, vacuums, and special cleaning agents. Clearing a path to the air vents is probably the only adjustment required for preparing for the cleaning.
Cleaning Process
The professionals from Ductwise Duct Cleaning will first clean your ducts and vents with the use of special brushes and air hoses. The loosen dust and debris will move to the vacuum system and get trapped outside your house. Applying biocides, special cleaners, sealants or mold preventatives will all require extra steps and are also used in certain cases.
After that, depending on what action plan you and the experts have created to prevent any future contamination of your air ducts, for instance, a plan for prevention of high humidity, moisture intrusion, or mold growth, the experts can choose to install ultraviolet lights, a better filtration system, or a dehumidifier.
There are certain variables which will determine the time it will take for the cleaning process to be completed. These variables can include the number of HVAC ducts and units, the number of workers who will perform the job, as well as the extent of the necessary cleaning.
In general, cleaning the ducts of the average single-family house with just one HVAC unit can take around 3 to 4 hours. Bigger businesses or homes with several HVAC homes or units whose ducts are contaminated with bacteria, mold, or other types of toxic particles might require one full day or more to clean, which will depend on the remediation protocol. There are also rare cases when Ductwise Duct Cleaning may suggest partial or full replacement of contaminated or damaged air ducts. The process can require additional installation and can be completed in several days.

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