Today’s Tip: How to Deal With Water Heater Leaking

water heater leakingA leak from your water heater may start off as only an annoyance, but this can change quickly into a problem that is big. You will find that your home can be damaged by even a leak that is minor. Areas that are left damp can also start to mold and this is a concern for the health of all individuals in the home.  It is very important that you handle a leak with your water heater as soon as it is possible to do so.

Is The Leak The Water Heater?

The first thing you want to do is make sure where you leak is coming from. Just because you find water near the tank for the hot water does not mean that is where it is coming from. Sometimes you will get condensation on the tank and it can drip a little. If you don’t see any condensation you should look at the pipes and fixtures that you think could be leaking. If you are unable to tell where the leak is coming from you can clean up the water and check on it again shortly. If there is no water when you come back it probably wasn’t an issue if there is water it could very possibly be your hot water heater.

Turn Power Off

You need to turn the power off to the water heater right away. Electricity and water do not go well together. You should locate your breaker box and find the breaker that controls the hot water heater and flip it off. Make sure when you do this that the hot water heater is actually what was turned off because in some cases breaker boxes are not labeled correctly. If the heater is gas then you should turn it off manually.

Turn Off Water Supply

In order to keep the leak from continuing you will need to turn off the water supply. This will help keep you from incurring damage to your home from the water getting into the flooring. You will also find that it will prevent the home from being damaged greatly if the leak happened to get worse. You will generally find the valve to shut the water off on the tank. Once you find the valve you will either turn it or you will pull down on a handle. If you have to come into contact with water you should use your main home shut off instead.

Handling problems with your water heater are very serious. You don’t want to hurt yourself or damage your home. Once you notice your hot water heater has a problem it is best to call out a professional who can handle the problem quickly so that you can have your hot water back as well as feel confident that there will be not damage to your home because of the leak from the water tank. Remember shut off the power and the water to the tank until someone is able to make it out to look at the problem.


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